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December 1st

Helens Blog

Winter is definitely here at last, for lowland shoots welcomed, bringing wandering birds in and filling the woods. For others, some trepidation as costs of heating soar and worries over managing rising prices over-ride anything else on the horizon. We are here to help if we can so please give us a call or send a message in confidence if you want to know more about our “Keeping Warm” campaign.

Gamekeepers have again, risen to the challenge in providing help as the consequences of recent storms cause mayhem up and down the country, fallen trees, snow on the roads as well a simply magnificent effort in the Southern Pennines, raising significant funds for the local nursery.

This is not particularly new; gamekeepers have always helped communities in adversity, but social media has provided a platform to showcase the good shooting and country sports can disseminate to local causes as well as those who wish to cause harm. It is a sad truth that we must “shout” the benefits in a rural context which is usually quietly and consistently “getting on with it”; helping those less fortunate, and, making sure all is well for folks on their own in ill health or in later life.

We have lost a wonderful advocate for our wildlife and way of life in Leif Bragg this week, who was known to many far and wide, and who lost his fight to that terrible disease, MND recently. This is particularly poignant because of the heroic deeds of Kevin Sinfield running 101 miles in 24 hours for his friend Rob Burrow who is also suffering MND. We all know the fantastic work of Doddie Weir too, hoping that science will bring a cure and greater understanding of a disease which has no current cure and is so very cruel.

We are also mindful of other health challenges for those who require bone marrow transplants and we are working with gamekeepers who wish to highlight how the donor system with the Anthony Nolan Trust could help more who are needful of a bone marrow transplant. This is such a selfless act especially when one does not know who the donor is. Many people give blood but have you thought of the stem cell register too. There will be more to follow of this important work shortly.

Meantime I hope this message finds you safe and back on power after the events of the past few days.

Best wishes