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GWT 30th Anniversary in the Year of the Gamekeeper 2022

2022 – A year of celebration Happy New Year to everyone!

GWT 30th Anniversary Mug

It may seem incongruous and even insensitive to highlight 2022 as a year of celebration but my goodness we all need some optimism and tangible positives to look forward to after the past two years of uncertainty and difficulties in personal and working lives. Our profession has never been so challenged in a myriad of ways.

However, many of us live in the most beautiful places on earth, with wonderful wildlife and people who are the most resilient, knowledgeable, and caring in communities who draw together in times of adversity and times of celebration.

We aim to concentrate on celebration and the positive aspects of our lives whilst minding the backs of those who are coping with various difficulties in health, job and personal lives.

So, we hope that many of you will join us and consider an event to come together and enjoy yourselves – it may be a clay shoot, a dinner or barbecue – and we are also joining the fray with a range of events to celebrate gamekeeping and demonstrate our support for gamekeepers, ghillies and stalkers and families all over the United Kingdom.

Our GWT 30th Anniversary mugs are available shortly and I hope will grace many kitchen tables around the country.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in so many ways throughout 2021 and we look forward to meeting many of you and joining you in your celebrations of the Year of the Gamekeeper 22 and our 30th Anniversary.

With every best wish for health and happiness in 2022.

Trustees, Helen and all the team within the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust.