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September Thoughts from Keepers Cottage

We are already well into the season for many – deer, grouse and now partridge and we hope you are all coping with continued safety measures and all the myriad of challenges from inside and outside the job!

The GWCT Scone Game Fair and the South Yorkshire Shooting Show are coming up towards the end of the month and will be attended directly for the former and with representation and information for the latter. Do pop in if you are up North!

Do take a look at our Sir John Scott Bt Bursary - you might be eligible for funding especially if you are studying a related course in health, social care or gamekeeping aspects.

It is good to be out there again but please be careful. Corvid 19 is still making people very poorly with vaccines and if you haven’t already had your first and second doses please do so for your and other’s sake. It can affect anyone and with English schools going back it is clear that infections will inevitably rise.

If you haven’t ordered your flag for the pheasant season we have plenty left – it is good to see so many out there enjoying their sport and the special camaraderie it brings at all levels.

A quick and sincere thank you to the latest fundraiser team – Megan and Emily who completed the Three Peaks in enthusiastic style and raised important funds for us! Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way. You are all fantastic and we appreciate it very much indeed. Katie and Georgia earlier in August completed Ben Nevis too... You are all awesome!