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Thank you!

We are blessed in the support we receive and not least in the most humbling and sometimes actually heart breaking way – donations from friends and families in memory of loved ones.

I would like to pay tribute to all and every person who has lost a family member or friend especially during the pandemic. Not to be able to fully celebrate the life of or come together in sorrow and grief to comfort each other has been particularly hard and indeed added to the depth of the bereavement process in some cases.

There are some wonderful sites now to share stories, remember individuals who you cared for and donate in the memory of someone who was important in your life. We also have our Memory Tree which is being updated and would invite anyone to share a poem, a name a photograph of a member of the gamekeeping community, gamekeeper, stalker, ghillies, retired and in later life as well as those who were active, wife or family of the former.

Take care of yourselves and each other and remember the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust is there for you, for each and every member of the gamekeeping community, past, present and future.